Manhattan Dining Table
Manhattan Dining Table

Manhattan Dining Table

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The Manhattan Column Table:

This table is hand crafted with exceptional attention to detail and, like the structures that inspired it, is built to last for generations to come. Drawing inspiration from its namesake, the famous Manhattan Bridge in New York City, this table is essentially a structural steel column with integral bracing reminiscent of that found on the bridge. Carefully proportioned relief holes are cut in the 8mm thick plates, juxtaposing a clean modern appearance with the robust riveted construction.

The upright sections are joggled to allow a flush connection with the adjoining plates and members – a feature frequently seen on historic riveted architecture. This requires heating of the section in a forge before forming the joggle under a press. Each 5/8" rivet is also heated to forging temperatures and installed using a pneumatic hammer, of the sort historically used to build bridges and skyscrapers.

While many others build furniture incorporating rivets, very few use genuine hot-set structural rivets and instead opt to weld them on from the back. Often they are added for decoration to create an "industrial style" but on this table, every rivet is a necessary part of the structure and there is no welding whatsoever. This requires both skill and time to deliver an authentic piece built using historical construction methods. This is the real deal!

Finished in black oxide / antique patination with carefully burnished highlights. The table can also be finished in any painted colour of your choosing, although I recommend period correct colours based on real-world riveted structures.

Shown here with honed Grigio Carnico marble top, also available in a variety of luxury materials as well as glass, to really show off the riveted construction. Please contact me for further options.


Height: 760mm
Width: 1400mm
Depth: 1400mm